Autor: Jason C. Hill
Jucatori: 1 - 8
Varsta: 12 +
Durata: 120 minute
Componente: 1 tabla de joc
16 zaruri
49 figurine
120 jetoane
358 carti de joc
1 CD audio cu coloana sonora
1 pliant cu reguli in limba engleza
Reguli: Download

390 Lei

    * pretul include TVA
It is the late 1930s and the world is in turmoil. Humanity is on the brink of war as imperialist nations in the Far East and Europe work aggressively to expand their domination. The Nazis have taken control of Germany and now spread darkness across the globe in their hunt for powerful occult artifacts that can give them the upper hand in the days to come. But the spirit of adventure and freedom won't be stamped out so easily.

Heroic adventurers from around the world answer the call, racing against time to hunt down ancient artifacts, explore deadly temples, and fight back the powers of darkness from engulfing the world. It is a race of good versus evil and only a cunning and agile explorer can claim the ultimate prize of… Fortune and Glory!

Fortune and Glory, The Cliffhanger Game is a fast-paced game of high adventure, vile Villains, edge-of-your-seat danger, and Cliffhanger pulp Movie Action. Players travel the globe in search of ancient artifacts, fending off danger and Villains at every turn in a quest for ultimate reward.
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